July 9th

Mobile Marketing is growing so fast. I was online earlier and became overwhelmed by all the information out there. One thing stays true still, even though things might be more fast paced than ever, people like to feel a personal connection to the places they shop at. 

Loyalty is something that is earned by customers. If you want them to repeatedly visit your establishment, then make sure that when they do, they feel that their visit is important to you and your place of business.

One way to do this is to get your customers involved in being a part of the process and creating a way of being a CUSTOMER APPRECIATION style of business. 

One fantastic way to do this is to have a CUSTOMER APPRECIATION ICON on your Mobile App.  In this ICON are Specials that ONLY the people who have downloaded your mobile app will see.  It could have the sale of the month, or a note that is more specific "show this to your server and get 1/2 price appetizers on Tuesdays all month".  This will get your customers into the habit of checking their Mobile App for updates.

Don't forget with the TEXT CLUB, there is a ton of opportunity to get your message in front of people - so you can also include them in your Customer Appreciation style of thinking. 

Customers like to feel good about their experience at your store, so for them to receive a TEXT stating something like this, "We would like to THANK YOU for being a Bob's Restaurant Text Member and to show our appreciation, this Thursday night all appetizers are 1/2 price when you show this text."

or for retail

"We would like to THANK YOU for being a part of Rosie's Boutique Text Club and to show our appreciation, this Friday from noon till 7pm get an additional 20% off our already discounted items in the store when you show this text"

You could add... "Bring a friend and if they join the TEXT Club they too will receive 20% off our discounted items"

July 5th

Well there is plenty to be thankful for. If you have a blog for your store/restaurant, you might want to consider adding it to your Mobile App. Many people enjoy following a good blog about new products, new ways to use products or events you may have had. There is an actual Feature call BLOG on your Mobile App Builder. You can simply put in the link of your blog and your customers will be able to access it from their Mobile App.  Blogs have become a great new way for people to get information and to retain information they may want to reference later. 

If you are a market place you may want to post a recipe of the month with a little dialogue. 

If you are a boutique you may want to talk about a new product and where it comes from and how popular it is becoming.

If you are a restaurant you might want to talk about new food on your menu and why you have made those changes.

And then you can use the texting program to send out a mass text reminding people that your BLOG has been officially updated. Those with your Mobile App can simply click on the BLOG ICON and read away.

June 26th

4th of July is just around the corner, now is a great time to do a 4th of July Special or an announcement if you have any fun events at your establishment to celebrate this holiday.  This is another great opportunity to learn all of the different tools in your Mobile App Builder. You can add a Feature all about the 4th of July and even make the ICON a nice picture of fireworks. When looking at the list of ICONS your will see that there is a button with a drop down of ACTIVE or INACTIVE, this is a great feature because you can leave your new holiday ICON up for a couple weeks until the event passes and then you can simply make it inactive if you would like, so that next year you have an easy reference that you can edit or simply re-activate. It is entirely up to you. 

This is a great tool for Holiday Sales, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc.  

Also a great time to remind people that your establishment sells gift cards, etc. 

June 13th

Using your Web App as your Mobile Website

Many of our customers are unaware of all the ways to use this incredible Mobile App product.

One use, that is extremely popular whether or not you are launching the Mobile App with a Texting Program is our MOBILE REDIRECT.

Once logged into the Mobile App Builder Platform you will see a tab called 'MOBILE REDIRECT'.  That information is already designed to make your life easier and that of your web master.  Simply ask whomever manages your site to insert the provided info and for now on when customers pull up your website on a mobile device, it will be redirected from the HOME page of your site to the Web Mobile App, allowing ease of use for the end user. It is becoming more and more popular.  Just another great benefit of our product.  

Be sure you look around once you are logged into the Mobile App Builder - there are a few items that seem to go unnoticed by our customers.

June 8th

Customizing an ICON on your Mobile App Builder.

Once you have outgrown the Basics in your Mobile App Builder, you can start to have a little more fun with it.  The one thing I tell all merchants to keep in mind is that if you design something you don't like, you can change it.  So take a deep breath and have some fun. 

A great website to use to re-size images WITHOUT having to download some silly software is

You can upload a picture, crop it, resize it and round the corners. So if you are looking to take a nice picture of some amaizng new product you have and make it an ICON, simply upload the image, resize it to 64 x 64, round the corners from a 5 to a 1 and color usually is antique white, apply - save as and now use this for your customized ICON on your Mobile APP Builder.

June 4th

With Summer also comes more foot traffic to many retail shopping locations. It is a time that people get out and enjoy strolling store to store with the warmth of the sun on thier back. People meet for lunch, coffee etc. and will poke their heads into the nearby boutiques and stores. 

If you want to add a SUMMER ICON to your Mobile App, simply log into your Mobile App Builder and choose a new Feature.  Create an Icon all about your Summer hours, Summer events and Summer Sales.  Don't forget about 4th of July and Labor Day. 

If you are near a downtown that has events during the summer months that help drive foot traffic to your store, this would be a great place to promote those types of events.  Lobster bakes, Crabfests, Fruit & Vegetable Stand & Markets. 

The more you play with your Mobile App Builder, the more savvy your app will become. 

May 25th

Merchants often ask me about Mobile Apps, Mobile App building and Web based vs. Native Apps.

Our apps work on Droid, iPhone, Blackberry, any device with a web browser to show the Web Mobile App.

I always reply with pretty much the same answer..."it depends on the business"

Mobile Marketing is such a huge par to of busine a business owner these days. Funny part about that is that many business owners do not realize they have the opportunity to have a Mobile App or Texing Program. Our Mobile App builder allows the end user, the merchant, to go in and edit the mobile app as much and as often as the mobile app needs to be updated. In some cases you can set it and forget it... but some merchants like to make changes to the product, change icons, put lunch or dinner specials up daily, etc.  This is an option the Mobile App Builder has, so the choice is yours. 

The biggest concern is keeping the product affordable and fun. 

As long as the product can meet your needs and stays inexpensive, it becomes a win win.